Hi, I’m Anna

and this is Panda!

Food is my life; I’ve been cooking since I was a young child. Panda Eats Food is an extension of my love for cooking and will contain my mostly vegetarian recipes and inspirations. I will make posts every week if not multiple times a week, so stay tuned. My food is distinct with flavors from around the world that I use to infuse new recipes. With inspirations like Mediterranean, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Italian, North African, Turkish, and American my food is diverse and delicious.

As I travel Thailand and other parts of Asia over the next several months, I will post more delicious recipes made genuinely with affection and ingenuity.

Why am I making a blog you ask?

  • Why not?
  • I have always wanted to document my favorite recipes and new creations, so here we are.
  • Panda Eats Food is all about food. If you ever want other content, contact me!
  • Also I’m a coffee addict, so you will find a lot of coffee recipes as well.
  • Inherent in my cooking is also frugality. I have never had a large budget, so everything you find here will be fairly inexpensive, although it may not always be easy to make.

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