Turkish Coffee

As with many things Middle Eastern, Turkish coffee (or Greek coffee) is one of the loves I discovered later in life. It’s simple, bold, and smooth.

When it comes to the coffee you can either pick and prepare it yourself or buy a tin designed for Turkish coffee; both are good options. I highly recommend this tin of Kurukahveci Turkish coffee to begin with. If you choose to pick and prepare your own beans, make sure you use a medium to dark roast preferably from Africa or South America as the flavor notes will lend to how smooth it will become. Also ensure the beans are ground as finely as possible, so they will dissolve into the water easily.

Next, there are a couple ways to make your Turkish coffee, you can buy a special pot to make it in, called an ibrik, or you can opt for the simple stirring of the coffee into the hot water method. Without further ado:


  • 6-8 oz water
  • 2 tbsp ground coffee
  • sugar to taste


Pour the water in the ibrik, and add the coffee.

Place the ibrik over high heat, and watch it or it will end up bubbling over on you.

Now wait for it to begin foaming up, and as soon as it rises to the edges of your ibrik, take the vessel off the heat for a couple seconds. Place the ibrik back on the heat after the bubbles dissipate a little. Allow the foam to rise a second time, turn off the heat, and pour into a demitasse mug or anything you have. Enjoy alone or with halva – which is an amazing combination!

In Greek culture, the more bubbles you have on the surface, the more money you will make in life. So work on those bubbles!

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